C.S. Lewis did not marry until after he was 50. Even then, his marriage was not consummated for over a year. As he writes about his marriage, he reveals that it was everything you might hope for. Lewis considered his wife an intellectual equal, enjoyed debating her, got her humor and her his. His love for her was every bit as giddy as the first love of youth. He loved her passionately and was content sitting with her in silence.

Three Year of Marriage

Soon after they were married, Lewis’s wife was diagnosed with cancer. They were blessed with three years of marriage which Lewis somehow seemed to slow time so that he could pack in a lifetime. Then she died.

Can I Expect More?

I have had many more years of marriage (28 this year) and learning about Lewis created in me conflicting thoughts. On the one hand, I think I’ve had so many more years than he did I really can’t expect anything more than what I have already had.

The Next Three Years

On the other hand, I think that, as much as I have been blessed in my marriage, maybe over the next three years I could slow time and discover the best years of our marriage.

### Brandon Blankenship