So Much To Learn Together!

So much to learn together!  So much to share!  Languages and acting, poetry and drama and computer-programming and physics and metaphysics, and parapsychology and electronics and gardening and bankruptcy and mythology and geography and cooking and history and painting and economics and wood-working and music and music-history, flying, sailing and the history of sail, political action and geology, courage and comfort and wild plants and native animals, dying and death, archaeology and paleontology and astronomy and cosmology, anger and remorse, writing and metallurgy and sharpshooting and photography and solar design, house construction and investing and printing and giving and receiving and wind-surfing and befriending children, aging and earth-saving and war-stopping, spiritual healing and psychic healing and cultural exchange and film-making, photovoltaics, microscopy and alternate energy, how to play, how to argue and make up, how to surprise and delight and dress and cry, to play the piano and the flute and the guitar, to see beyond appearances, in loveremember other lifetimes, past and future, unlock answers, research and study, collect and analyze and synthesize, serve and contribute, lecture and listen, see and touch, travel cross-time and meet the other we, to [see] worlds from dreams and dwell there, changing.

And then what?  …. And then more, always more for life-hogs to learn.  To learn, to practice, to give back to other life-hogs, to remind them we-re not alone.

And then what? …. LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS!

That is why lovestories don’t have endings!  They don’t have endings because love doesn’t end.



Source: Richard Bach, The Bridge Across Forever (a lovestory), William Morrow and Company, Inc. New York 1984 Edited by Brandon L. Blankenship Alabama Birmingham Hoover Pelham