Wanta car? Sure. But which one? Isn’t finding abudance in the abudnant life really just about lifestyle?

Got a car but you got a new raise? Well, you need a better car. Got a better car? Then you need a better place to live. At a certain level of earning, you need a second car, a second house (beach, mountain or lake). No matter how much your check is, you always seem to end up with the same amount at the end of each year – little to nothing. No matter how much you make, you end up living a lifestyle of scarcity.

Yet you believe that there is such a thing as an abundant life. But no matter how hard you work, abundance evades you. It plays an unfair game of hide-and-seek, unfair because it cannot be found no matter how hard you seek. It seems like a better car would be an abundant life. It seems like more clothes would be an abudnant life. It seems like a better house would be an abudnant life. Finding abundance, however, is not about more.

The opposite of scarcity, however, is not abundance – it is enough.

If you can find a away to shift your lifestyle so that rather than sliding up the scale to the next better thing, you slide down the scale until you have just enough (until perhaps you are just a little uncomfortable).

Then you will be left with an abundance.

And when you have the opportunity to help others with your abudance – then you find the abundant life.

### Brandon Blankenship