It hit me today that I have four friends that have all lost their husbands at an early age.  One died just yesterday and the heartbreak is fresh and raw.  They were all in their 20’s or 30’s when they passed. All by different causes.  Such anguish.  So sad.

And so tough these women are!  What would I do or feel were the roles reversed?  I can’t even imagine.  When I become ‘one’ with my husband, how can I go on without him?  How could I pick myself up from the slobbering puddle on the floor and go on?  We have an inexplicable connection where he completes me.  Who would I be without him?  We are always identified together.

I have the greatest respect for any widow.  The overwhelming emotion they must endure in the beginning, the slow journey that grief takes them on, the re-learning of daily life without their husband/confidant/partner-in-crime/lover/laugher/best friend/fixer/superman.

In my heartbreak for them, I have to wonder, how could ANYONE go through this without the confidence in a loving God who died and rose again so that they would have eternal life with Him.  Where is the hope worth living for…worth dying for?  How can anyone face death without hope?  Without faith?  We know that we are eternal beings.  This life is temporary…a whisper of smoke.  We will step out of this life into eternity.  How can we face death if we have not chosen eternal life with our Creator, the one who paid our debt?hope future

I love my Savior.  I love my husband.  I love my dear friends who are hurting.  I pray for peace beyond all understanding and will hug my husband a little tighter tonight when he comes home.  I am grateful for whatever time we have together.  God bless.