Under normal conditions, when a baby is born most everyone recognizes that they are going to have to share.  Before the baby there were 24 hours in the day and none of them were dedicated to the baby.  After the baby is born, most everyone recognizes that there are not any more hours in the day and some of them will be taken up by the new baby. Space will have to be shared.  A new item or two will certainly appear in the budget.  No surprises.

Some people miss, however, that the same thing happens in a new marriage.  Two people come together in a marriage and “become one.”  This “One” is a new creature and, like the baby, requires consistent rearranging of time, money and other resources (emotional, physical, and such).  To the degree there is scarcity of any of these, it requires sacrifice.

It is practice of unity, of oneness, that feeds the marriage relationship so that it can be healthy.  A good father does not eat all of the food in the house so that his children are hungry.  A good mother does not spend everything on her clothes leaving her children naked.  Likewise, a good husband is always mindful of his marriage.  Likewise a good wife is always mindful of her marriage.

Picture your marriage like an infant.  Is it fed?  Is it clothed?  Is it safe?  Making this small change in how you think changes how much time you give your marriage, how much money you spend on it and every other decision.

What Can I Do?

1.  Collaborate on how you spend your time.  Consider questions like, “Do you think we can carve some time out next Saturday to …?”

2. Have regular budget discussions.  Consider planning how to accomplish financial goals for your marriage as well as individually.


Source:  Genesis 2

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