Ok.  If you have clicked to this page, you are going to thank me.  I just know it.

This is our second time to use priceline.com and their hotel bidding deals.  It’s potluck.  You may or may not win your bid, but if you do…BINGO!  You are walking around with the rich and famous and they don’t even know you are Motel 6 material.  (Provided you have upgraded from the Beverly Hillbillies clothing and lingo.)

Go to http://www.priceline.com/promo/hotel_winning_bids.html.  Enter the city and dates and browse the hotels.  They will describe the hotels and the area of town, but until you win the bid, you have no idea what hotel you are going to.  To secure the bid, you have to pay up front.  Living on the edge, right?

We tried this in January in Miami when we went for a wedding.  We ended up in a Trump Golf Resort with people catering to our every need for the same price as the Holiday Inn across town.  This time, in Santa Fe, we are at a luxury resort for the same price as our terrible Ramada Inn experience in Louisiana.

You can google priceline bidding hacks and they will tell you what bids have been accepted and rejected recently.  We looked at that, then threw caution to the wind and set a lowball price just to see if they would take it.  Both times, they DID!  The guy next door to us is paying $500 a night to stay here.  We are paying $60.  Just sayin’.

Here is my disclaimer.  There is no guarantee.  You may not win your bid.  You may have to stay at the Ramada or the Econolodge.  But just for fun, pick a 4 star hotel and bid on it like you just don’t care and see what happens.  You could be on your own adventure!

Happy Travels!

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