arkansas signOk. I have no idea what day it is really. I’ve lost all sense of time and direction. What city are we in now? Are we sleeping in the tent, the car, the cheap motel or something with sheets? I’ll drive. No, you drive. Where are we? Get out and take a photo, we’ll figure it out later. Do we have to? Yes. It’s the law.

tennessee signBrandon thinks I’m making up ailments. “There is no such thing as travel fatigue.” Yes. Yes, there is. I have it. I know. I watched some doctor shows once.

Scoot your seat up, my toes are cramping. I don’t have any room either. Well, somebody had to go and win a giant panda at the fair and it’s sucking up all my air. Are we close to home yet?

osteology museum oklahomaOk. All those were me. Brandon and Anna are great. They smile a lot. They sing a lot. Why am I the grouchy one? I wanted to be the cool mom that calmed everyone down with my cleverness and wisdom and humor. I don’t even know what day it is or where we are. I feel like I’m one straight jacket away from the loony bin.

I’m dragging my feet going back home. Laundry waits there. Dishes, cooking, weeding the garden, bills, responsibilities. While this trip may have been hard on the body, we were loosey goosey. No chores. Fun times. Adventure.

corkys bb1This has been an amazing trip. We packed a lot in 3 weeks. We’ve made memories, learned a lot about each other, had some great laughs and giggles. I’ve got photos out the wazoo. That is a word. It has to be.

No regrets. The real adventure is actually back home. Living the daily, mundane in such a way that shines the light of Christ in a dark world. That’s a real adventure. I will embrace it. I will conquer the mountain of laundry and the winding paths of weeds. I will smile and sing and fondly remember the days I was cramped in a car with the people I love most in the world, and I will rejoice in the blessing of the memories made. God IS good, all the time.

Last states, last thoughts:

corkys bbq anna1. Oklahoma is fun. Carrie Underwood, Chuck Norris, and James Garner. Come ‘on. They wouldn’t be from a boring state.

2. You can skip Arkansas. Bill and Hillary. Enough said.

3. Even though we were close to home, we stayed overnight in Memphis. One reason. Corky’s BBQ. Forget Graceland and BB King and the Blues. Ok, don’t forget the Blues, but you gotta try Corky’s BBQ. They have a dry rub that will make you slap your mama. But don’t. Anna tried. She still can’t sit down.

ms state4. Mississippi is almost like Alabama. It just is. Embrace it people.

5. The Alabama state sign is HUGE. We are proud of our state. It’s good to be home. Home of the 90% humidity, mosquito sanctuaries, kudzu, and family and friends. I think I will go hug every one of our bees, and lick the dog. There is no place like home. There is no place like homealabama sign huganna and lucy back home.

first sign last sign

First selfie and last. I think we do look travel weary.