colorado signA day driving from Wyoming to Colorado. There just isn’t anything on the drive from Yellowstone in the upper NW corner of the state, down to Cheyenne in the SE corner of the state. Once we crossed into Colorado, we felt like we were back in civilization. There were homes and stores and exits. It was kind of sad to leave the frontier behind, but since we are not actually from the 1800s, it was a relief.

colorado springs olympic siteWe stayed in Colorado Springs and woke up at 4:30 a.m. to get Anna to the Olympic Training facility ice rink for a morning of ice skating. How often do you get to do THAT? We think we had a Rachael Flatt sighting, but we were so unsure, that the moment passed before I could ask and get a photo. Back at the hotel, we packed up and hopped back in the car to head to Oklahoma. Another 10 hour day in the car. Not many pics to show for it.

We arrived in Oklahoma City just in time to eat and go to bed.

Thoughts on Traveling:

1. On paper, planning, this trip seemed easy. It’s not. We are wearing down. We passed through the frustration stage and now we are in the slap-happy, punchy stage. We can’t help but laugh. It’s sort of an achy laugh, but it’s much better than the previous stage.
2. I have so many questions about all the people that are living out in the middle of nowhere. Is there really a mailman delivering daily? His route could only consist of 3 homes a day! Why are there tires on top of the trailers/mobile homes? How do they get groceries? A once a month day-trip to town? Where are the schools? Do they send them off to boarding school or home school? How often do they see other people? How do they earn money (for the ones without farms or cattle) for food, etc.? What about delivering babies? No hospitals. Is Pa boiling the water for Ma and taking care of business, or do they drive a day to the city and stay a couple of days ahead of time?
wyoming rabbit3. Just so you know, there is plenty of room out west for going “off-grid”. Plenty of room.
4. I miss home cooking. I don’t necessarily miss cooking. Somebody else’s cooking would be great!
5. We have used every single thing we packed. The ice chest and food bag were a great idea.
6. Quote of the day after passing one cemetery sign after another: ME: “Why are there so many cemeteries out here?” ANNA: “People shouldn’t have to drive a billion miles to bury their loved ones!” True that. If that wasn’t funny, then we really are slap-happy.
7. Most everyone we’ve encountered has been a joy to meet. Shout out to the deli lady in Elko, NV who wanted to make sure we were eating enough veggies on our trip. And the store clerk in Santa Fe who was excited about our trip and gave us suggestions on places to visit. The hotel clerk in Oklahoma City who gave us the best restaurant suggestion, and the German couple at the North Rim Grand Canyon who swapped traveling stories. The young girl on Highway 1 who gave me the “locals” discount on a snack for the road. Angela, the AAA agent who calmed my nerves and helped me find a hotel in the middle of nowhere when I was all alone. The Wyoming waitress that thought we were so cute in our green jackets. People are fun.