HUGE elk just hanging out by the road

Yellowstone Park: hot springs, sulfur springs, geysers, bison, bears, deer, elk, wolves, lakes, streams, fly fishing, boating, cycling, biking, hiking, camping. There is something for everyone here. This National Park is the oldest in the country and very popular. There is a North, South, East and West entrance and about 150+ miles to navigate. Of course, Old Faithful is there, but the camping and hiking are wonderful and the views are hard to beat. The most exciting thing about Yellowstone is the wildlife is bound to just walk across the road in front of you. You will suddenly turn a curve and there will be cars lined up and cameras clicking to see giant elk or bison right by the road. You are warned to leave them alone and stay your distance, so you see lots of super cameras with crazy big lenses. If you are a nature photographer, this is a definite place for you to visit. Wildflowers in the foreground looking across a meadow that meets up with a lake at the base of a snow covered mountain top…and if you are lucky, a few bison or elk crossing the scenery. I need to wordsmith “amazing” and “breathtaking”. Getting from one location to another in Yellowstone takes a while. I’d love to come back for a week and hike the trails. We didn’t see any bears, but then, that may be a good thing.

big agnes - CopyWe got out the tent and shook off the Grand Canyon dust and set it up and started a small fire. The temps were in the low 60s, but by morning had dropped to 41. That is c-c-c-cold in a tent! Once again, I find myself layering all the t-shirts and using the beach towels for extra blankets. I did break down and buy a jacket. It saved my life. Seriously. Anna voted to sleep in the car, but she was still a little cold, too. I told her to just cover up with that giant panda. Might as well put it to good use.

Day 18

annas package - CopyThis morning was a big deal for Anna. She had left her iPhone in the depths of the Grand Canyon, and after hiking a bit, went back to get it. Someone had taken it. She searched for it and asked around to no avail. She locked it down and put it in lost mode with a message to call us if found. While we were in Las Vegas, someone did call us and they sent it to Lost and Found at the Park. Lost and Found sent it to us general delivery from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone park. Today, Anna picked up her phone right outside the Old Faithful geyser at the post office. She was all grins! All her hiking pics were on her phone.

teton pano

The Grand Tetons

Today we left out of the South entrance and went through the Grand Tetons National Park. No time to stay, but that didn’t stop me from taking a jillion photos. Brandon gets an award for stopping every 5 miles so I can jump out grinning ear to ear, ooooh-ing and aahhhh-ing, snapping away. After the Tetons, we went past the Painted Mountains, drove past Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College, and the burial place of Sacajawea. Other than that, there was NOTHING. No exits, no towns, no signal, no service, no gas or restrooms. This was a l-o-n-g day driving. We tried to make it to Colorado, but we just couldn’t. We are getting travel weary and wearing down, punching each other to stay awake. We almost made it to Cheyenne, but had to stop in Laramie, WY. A good swim and shower in the middle of a crazy Wyoming lighting storm, will not be forgotten.

No thoughts for today. Well…I need to take a photography class. But other than that, I’m out. Zzzzzzzz……