Victorville, Los Angeles, Paso Robles, Carmel, Asilomar

best actressLeaving Vegas so late, we just couldn’t make it through Los Angeles and to Santa Barbara for the night. We drove through a dust storm in Death Valley or the Mojave Desert. It all sort of blended together in the same view. We stayed over night in a small town in California by the road and arrived in Los Angeles on day 12. We planned originally to drive straight through, but we decided to take a quick tour and see a little of LA. There are about 17 million people. It seems they all like to drive at the same time. Insane!rodeo drive

We drove by Universal Studios City and rode up through Beverly Hills. We drove a little on Rodeo Drive and Hollywood Blvd. and saw the famous Hollywood sign. We enjoyed iced coffee on a sidewalk cafe on Sunset Blvd. and watched the tour buses go by. Crazy tourists.

We finally headed out of town and and decided to bypass Santa Barbara to go a little further north and catch Highway 1 up the coast. We just couldn’t make it. We were so tired, so we stayed over in Paso Robles. There were a lot of incredible looking wineries and grape vines everywhere. That’s when we left the harsh desert dunes and came to lush hills.PCH sign

The biggest travel issues the last few days have been tiredness and tones. Yes, we are a real family. We are sardined together for another week, so whatever happens, we are going through it together. We are talking through it. This is good. It’s already better, just discussing it. Don’t you feel better? Hmmmm….highway1b

After waking up in Paso Robles on day 13, we drove up the Pacific Coast on Highway 1 and wow. The fog was out early and slowly rolled away. Yes, wow. Every curve brought a new sight and fresh breeze. Again, wow. I was driving and I made Brandon drive so I could point, and ooooooh, and take pictures and yell, “Pull over here!” for more photos. This is something I’ve only seen in movies or heard about. I never thought I’d get to do it. This day was such a stark contrast to Texas, Arizona and Nevada. I like trees, and hills, and water. I was a little giggly today. It was coming out of the desert to a cool drink of water. It was refreshing.highway1 california

Odd thoughts for the day:

lovebugs1. Living out of your car is crazy. Good crazy. Realizing how much stuff you really DON’T need. Changing seats all the time, not settling in to any one spot. If you do stay in one spot long, you start nesting and tucking things here and there. Food, clothes, shelter. It’s all there. Except the bathroom. That can be close or far away. Your choice.
2. Parts of the United States are like a foreign country. I don’t mean the people or the languages, although there is that. But the landscape and the way of life from one part of the country to another can be so totally different from where you are from. How people treat one another. How they drive. How they eat and spend money. Values. Interesting.
anna california swim3. What is UP California with the cold weather in July?? I’m wearing Brandon’s sweatshirt, Anna’s rain jacket, and layering my t-shirts! This is not the sunny California the ads promised. We are rolling laughing as we huddle in our jackets by the pool and the ocean. The swimsuit is on, but I’m not taking anything off to get it wet!asilomar

cold california2

The magazine photo of finally reaching the west coast and looking out over the beautiful ocean, reflecting on the journey taken so far.



cold california

The real family photo of the crazy cold coast!