GRAND CANYON – Pick up Day!

Grand Canyon Bright Angel

Bright Angel Trail

So my PLAN was to wake up early, shower, pack up, check out, head over to the South Rim, sit near the end of the trail and take a great pic of them walking off the trail. I would run towards them and we would have a teary reunion. We would talk over each other 90-to-nothing telling each other everything that happened. Lots of hugs and smiles as we drive away to our next adventure.

What REALLY happened:
hike out of canyonAs I’m getting into the shower at 7:30am, the phone rings. “Hey! Where are you? Come get us.” WHA…? But…but…but… .

Rushed shower, throw everything in the car. Drive like a maniac 1 ½ hours to get to them. Struggle for a parking place close to them. Searching, scanning the crowds to find them. Heart racing. Not sure exactly where they would be waiting. Long silent hug. Good strong hug. They are happy, but exhausted and really dusty and sweaty. Well, duh. Didn’t think of that.

Load up, drive to the camping ground showers. Closed 1 hour for cleaning. Grrr. Drove to lost and found. Anna had her iPhone (camera) stolen (lost) in the canyon. We made a stop at the Visitor Center so I could see something I wanted to see. Couldn’t find it. They are frustrated at my stop. Drive back to the public showers. Tie the backpacks on the roof of the car. It starts raining. Shove the packs back in the car. Drive out of the park and stop at the first place to eat. $28 for McDonald’s. Really? I drive toward Nevada. They sleep.first shower

We are together. They are OK. I have to let go of my fantasy. This is good, too. Living out of my head, instead of in the moment, will get me really frustrated. I can plan and imagine all I want, but the reality is, it rarely turns out that way. I have to breathe deeply and appreciate the moment for what it is, not what I want it to be.

This trip is turning out to be very different than what I thought it would be.