GRAND CANYON – waiting patiently

Let’s get real. I had a two day pity party. I’m not proud of it, but I own it. Today could have been the same. Even though I’m a big wuss, I have an adventure streak that runs deep. The idea of the adventure is so strong that I pushed through the hurt and fear and sorrow, and decided to go.

Sufficiently medicated for my sinuses and aching face, I brushed the tiny agoraphobia off my shoulder, prayed that God would guide my steps, put my hand on the door and took a step outside.
canyon pano south rim

canyon bright angel trail

Bright Angel Trail

canyon elkAn hour later at the South Rim, I had lunch outside the market and figured out the free shuttle system with the stops I wanted. I got off the bus and found where Brandon and Anna will come off the trail. I found our meeting spot and a good place to park. I went in some of the museums and checked out the breathtaking lookout points. I took pictures for people so they could all be in the same photo.  Some Japanese people took MY photo. It was fun. It was really fun. It was weird being alone for all that, but it was fun. copter faceTaking the shuttle back to my car, I drove the circle again, just to make sure I knew the way for tomorrow, and then I headed away from the 8th wonder of the world(1).

canyon squirrel

Helping me wait.

On the way out, the urge was so strong to take a helicopter ride. I want to see some of what B&A are seeing. Since I got a good deal on the hotel and I’ve been eating out of the ice chest and grocery bag instead of the restaurant, I used that money and treated myself to a copter ride.

Oh my WORD! Just riding in the helicopter was fun! copter canyon3The ride over the canyon was exhilarating. The 8 million photos on my camera will never do it justice. It’s very possible the Russian tourists in the copter were laughing at me. How do you giggle in Russian?

7 Little Reminders I needed:

1. Fear comes in many shapes and sizes.
2. Letting go and trusting God is not a one time thing. It’s a daily struggle.
3. I cannot watch over those I love all the time. Again, letting go.
4. The best way to find adventure is to step out the door.
5. I may need to go to a movie alone and sit in a restaurant alone. Baby steps.
6. Get over myself! I’m just a tiny speck in the universe (standing on the edge of a huge canyon), who will only be here for a whisper, a moment in time.
7. I saw the canyon in 45 minutes and I’m not tired or sweaty. Take that!

As I got off the helicopter, I received a text from some hikers that met up with B&A. My babies are OK. I can’t tell you how relieved that made me feel. Tomorrow I pick them up. One more day. This time, driving away from the canyon, I couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear. God does watch over the sparrow. He does watch over me. The actual reminder is such a gift.


(1) Clark, Jayne (December 22, 2006). “The world’s 8th wonder: Readers pick the Grand Canyon”USA Today. Retrieved May 3, 2013.