la posada hotelYay! Santa Fe! Today is so much better than yesterday. It started with Super Brandon using his super powers to get an incredible hotel to make up for what we now call the “Louisiana incident”. If you do not know about the super bidding deals on, CLICK HERE and I’ll tell you all about it. For the same price we paid for “sketchy hotel”, we are staying in a 4 diamond hotel with the stars!

indian market santa feSo, after waking up refreshed from our plush and comfy beds in hotel amazing, we grabbed breakfast from our food bag and ice chest (fruit, granola bars, yogurt, etc.), and headed to the Santa Fe plaza to check it out. Could not have had more fun! Silver and turquoise as far as the eye can see and pottery, paintings, textiles, sculpture…I’m already looking for a house to buy! We took our time and browsed around just taking it all in.

coil with paddle potteryAlthough I’m not a big fan of traditional Indian pottery and artwork, I can appreciate the skill and talent it takes to make such great works of art. Stone polishing and firing pots in manure to bring out the rich black glossy pottery is pretty fascinating. Some of the etching techniques and pottery painting get me excited. My favorite pottery pieces were both over $1500. Not gonna happen. On a more modern note, the Santa Fe Clay Co. had two gentlemen from Taiwan demonstrating their coiling technique with paddles for an art class. I watched from the outside window, wishing I had a couple of hours to sit in.

sculpture girl on worldsculpture mom and girlThe Canyon Road art galleries are fabulous. Take a stroll down that street for a week or more and drink it all in. We met artists from all over the world and saw some truly spectacular pieces. I’m posting a pic of two of my favorite bronze sculptures. When looking at both of these pieces I could see so much emotion and movement. So many pieces of art are just flat to me. Pretty, but dull. These made me feel happy.  Isn’t that what counts? The exuberance on the little girl’s face as she stands on top of the world, and the motion of the mother swinging her daughter in circles brought fond memories of doing the same for Anna.

pascuals santa feWe had an interesting lunch at Pasqual’s farm-to-table café’. Brandon had the cubano supreme and Anna and I dared to share the cactus salad. Um….I’m not refined enough for something so exotic! It was tasty but slimy and although I tried not to think about it, I did gag once and stayed with the plantain chips the rest of the meal! We sat at the community table with other patrons and that was interesting. Not a talkative group. Oh well. Maybe next time.  They just couldn’t handle us, I’m sure. 🙂

Supper was at the Rooftop Pizzeria. Beautiful evening for an outdoor meal on the roof. Interesting people watching. A country band was playing in the plaza as we left and a couple of people were line dancing and fancy dancin’. A great evening!


1.  I’ll take Heat Without Humidity, Alex, for $500.  What is…Ways not to sweat outside?  Ding! Ding!

2. Anna and I ditched Brandon to buy him a Christmas present.  I think he tried to come in the same store to get us something and circled right back out after seeing us.  Not sure, but Christmas should be fun this year!

3. The word on the street is that controversy is brewing with the Arabs buying all the local stores and the Indians are being pushed out of making a living selling their own artwork. You did not hear this from me.

adobe santa fe4. Why DO we have the desire to buy something from everywhere we visit to remind us that we were there?  How many key chains, t-shirts, coffee mugs,  and ornaments do you have?

5.  If you say “adobe” 25 times, it begins to sound ridiculous.  Try it.  Uh dough bee, heh heh.

6. There is such a wonderful variety of people in this world.  God delights in His children.  I will strive to be more purposeful enjoying Him and them.

Do check out the deal if you are traveling. You won’t regret it. Tomorrow we move closer to the Grand Canyon. It’s probably going to be a camping night. Not sure yet. Stay tuned!