stockyard cityYeah you’re gettin’ close now
And you kick it into four wheel drive when you run out of road
And you go, and you go and you go-go-go
‘Til you hear a banjo
–Rascal Flatts

cattlemansOklahoma City is easily the second favorite city we’ve visited. From Bricktown, in the downtown area, to Stockyard City over near the fairgrounds, the people are friendly, the city is clean and interesting. The Native American artwork is fabulous. We’ve been here before, so maybe that’s why it feels so comfortable. I haven’t been to any of the other places we’ve been on this whole trip.

Oklahoma observations:

boots51. I have never seen so many cowboy boots in my life. Texas has nothing on Oklahoma. Texas wins on cowboy hats, but not boots.
2. We can feel “home”. It’s closer now. We are almost there. That’s funny since Oklahoma always seemed so far away.
3. Oklahoma is a lot like Alabama. Their form of country is a little more country/western instead of country/redneck, but it’s pretty close. I like both. Yee haw!
4. The Oklahoma bombing memorial and museum are very well done and worth the visit.

Where is your favorite U.S. city? How far have you traveled from home in the U.S.? Were you ready to come back home or did you want to stay longer? (I’m having mixed feelings!)