Yes. It goes on forever and it’s flat. Plan your bathroom breaks. Moving on.

Top 10 Things to Ponder from today:

1. If you stay at a sketchy Louisiana hotel and skip out on the free breakfast just to get out of there, some people may get grouchy. Stop as soon as possible and eat, breathe fresh air and smile at one another.texas

2. As soon as you cross the Texas line, the taco stands and cowboy hats are everywhere. You can buy a key chain in every shape and size with your name on it.  Except Donnalee.

3. Brandon really, REALLY likes twangy, old timey, country music. Mandolins make him giddy.

4. There is something a bit morbid to me about street vendors selling maps of where JFK was shot. Glad we stopped to see the memorial and take in a bit of history. Dallas has some incredible downtown buildings. I like incredible buildings.jfk dallas

5. FYI … lots of road work in Dallas-Ft. Worth. We passed through too early on a Sunday morning to visit several dear friends. Sad about that.

6. If you stop at a Walmart to stock up on snacks and drinks, check your car for hornets. Sometimes they want to catch a ride to get out of the 104*F heat. Whew! Close one.

7. Amarillo has a crazy 72 oz. steak challenge. People really try to eat 4 ½ pounds of meat in 1 hour just so they don’t have to pay for it.. Really. We saw this. I may have nightmares. Anna also chomped into a giant jalapeño pepper to show me she could handle it. She had me for about 2 minutes. Then we couldn’t stop laughing through her pain. Honey works wonders. My steak nightmare is gone now.

route 668. Route 66 is pretty cool. Parts of it run 20 feet from the interstate. Get off the interstate and be the only car on Route 66 for a while. Pretend you are in the Pixar Cars movie. Talk like ‘Mater. Why not?! Git ‘er done!

9. When you can see the horizon all around you, the sunset can be *b r e a t h t a k i n g*, and like Texas roads, the sunset goes on forever. Just beautiful.

10. Our first taste of the majesty of the starry sky came after we crossed the New Mexico state line. No city lights anywhere. Wow. Just wow. There is a God and He is amazing. It’s the same feeling as standing by the ocean and feeling so tiny and insignificant. Grateful that He does not see us that way.

sunsetIt was a long, tiring day, and tough to get through parts of it. We’ve played Go Fish, tried all the music stations, searched the web for fun things to do and see and napped. Brandon has gotten a good bit of work done. I’m learning not to get my feelings hurt if I start singing and someone races for the radio knob. We are all learning to take deep breaths and walk a mile in someone else’s feelings for a moment. I’m noticing that I am way too controlling, bossy, and get frustrated too easily. Recalibrating. Make a U-turn ahead.

It’s only day 2. Long, lonely Texas roads are behind us. A new adventure awaits tomorrow. And a day of rest. Yes! You have arrived at your destination. Go to sleep!