sierra knolls winery caThis was a driving day. We went from Sacramento, CA, back through northern Nevada and into Idaho. As we were passing through wine country and all the vineyards, we stopped at the Sierra Knolls Winery in Auburn, CA. Family owned and operated, it is a new, up and coming vineyard. We enjoyed talking with them. They had a great patio area with an outdoor pizza oven and I’m sure on special occasions, this place is hopping. They did not seem to know about our Auburn tigers nor was there any orange and blue decorating the place. Huh.

As we drove into Nevada, we passed through the Lake Tahoe mountain area and it was breathtaking. I could imagine all the snow and skiing that takes place there. All the buildings look like mountain lodges, even if they are gas stations or restaurants. There are plenty of signs warning of ice and snow dangers everywhere, even though it was 95*F. I was driving, so there aren’t many photos for the day. We went through a mountain tunnel right next to a mountain tunnel for a train. There are train tracks all over these mountains. I’m thinking back to all the movies I’ve seen with trains chugging through the mountains, and this is the place.

106 degrees nevadaWe drove through Reno which is a small city in the middle of nowhere and about 106*F. I guess you go to Reno if you want to gamble and ski in the winter? Again, Nevada is empty- desert, far off mountain ranges, hardly any towns or stops. We are afraid to let the car get below 1/4 tank in case there is nowhere to pull over for gas. But there is a BEAUTIFUL sky as far as you can see.big sky nevada

Around 10:00 p.m. PST we arrived in Idaho only to discover that now it was 11:00 p.m. Mountain time, so we were suddenly exhausted. We made it to Twin Falls, ID for the night, not quite as far as we wanted to make it. We collapsed on our beds and instantly went to sleep. Can’t. Go. On.

Thoughts for the day:

1. I think I’m turning into a crunchy person. Shaving seems overrated. Do I really need a bath EVERY day? Why DO we wear makeup? Clothes don’t HAVE to match. Trees ARE important and granola doesn’t taste that bad. I do own some Birkenstocks. If you see me standing on the side of the road in Arkansas by a VW van in dreadlocks asking for gas money, don’t be surprised. Peace out.

service people2. It hit me today how many people SERVE us. How many janitors clean the public restrooms I’ve used? How many waitresses and cashiers and taken care of me, served me meals? How many maids have cleaned up my towels and sheets and picked up my trash. Many faceless people doing thankless jobs. Hotel clerks that stay up all night so I can check in late? Road construction workers keeping the roads safe for me to travel? I have always counted these as important jobs, but never considered really, how much they impact me. People are taking care of me and I want to be more purposeful in saying “thank you” and smiling. There are far too many people complaining, which might account for why service is not always so great. I’ll start today being a positive change in the world around me. God bless those who serve everyday.

3. I think we could live in one of those mini-houses. Look up tiny houses. A 10’x12′ room with a loft for the bed. That would be WAY more room than this car. Maybe when Anna goes off to college, we’ll downsize. Would you ever even consider it??

4.My family gets cranky when they don’t eat a meal on time. I, however, am never cranky. You don’t have to ask them. Just take my word for it.