state fair2REST finally! We arrived in Sacramento close to midnight and checked in. We slept late, ate brunch, and then took a nap. We, meaning Anna and me. Brandon was busy working while he has wifi and isn’t driving. Anna and I took a swim in the hotel pool and then they got ready to go to the California State Fair. I chose to stay and take another nap. We’ve been going, going, going, and we’ve been cramped in a packed car for 2 weeks. One day to stretch and rest feels so good. I’m a little sad to miss out on the fun for tonight, but glad to stretch my legs and snuggle under the covers.  Anna is excited to be here. Why? Because it’s the capitol and she did well on her state capitols test. Goofball.state fair1

Things I have learned about my daughter:

1. She wins. She wins the Las Vegas claw machine. She wins the California state fair impossible ring toss. She wins competitions. She wins board games and card games. She wins whatever she puts her mind to. She is competitive, that I knew. She must be her father’s daughter, because I just don’t have that kind of life. I’ve never seen anything like it.state fair bear

2. She is happy. She gets moody and aggravating and frustrated and angry, but she always circles back to happy. She whistles, and sings to herself. She giggles and laughs out loud easily. She is goofy and funny and wants everyone else to be happy, too. She reminds me to smile. I get bogged down a lot, but she does not.

3.She is kind. She always saves the last bite for someone else. She offers the first sip or first whatever to someone else. She offers the extra whatever it is to strangers. She loves playing with kids and making them smile. She doctors us when we don’t feel well. She wants the world to be a better place one person at a time. Love this girl. LOVE. HER.

God smiled on us with this child. Maybe He rolled all 12 of the kids I wanted into this one. Blessed.


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