Las Vegas baby!

hoover dam

Hoover Dam

Leaving the Grand Canyon, we stopped at the Hoover Dam for a quick look and photo opp. But everyone was too tired to enjoy it. We drove on til Vegas. again for a good hotel. First we stayed at New York New York at a great price. We had a meal in the hotel (on a faux New York street corner), and went to the Bellagio to stand in line for standby tickets for the “O” Cirque du Soleil show. o showWe were 2nd in line and lucked out. It’s a sold out show, but Anna and I made it in. Brandon sacrificed for us, and he went back to the hotel to sleep. We made it back to the room by midnight.

So in one day, Anna hiked out of the Grand Canyon, saw the Hoover Dam and caught a show in Vegas. Her eyes are as big as saucers. She is drinking it all in. We are having some great discussions. Some continued discussions. Valuable time together.

The contrast between the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas is not lost on me. In one place, the wilderness, there is a reverence, a realization of how big God is and how small we really are. It is harder there, difficult. It is you and God and great beauty and the dirt and grime of survival. vegas nightThe Creator and the creation. It really cannot be described. It must be experienced. In Las Vegas, it is so much easier. I can get what I want and go where I want easily. It’s bright and flashy and man made and beautiful. But…there is no reverence. This is not a holy place. I am relieved to be here. I have wifi and food, comfort and ease of getting around and whatever I need. But I would not want to stay here. Both are beautiful in very different ways. Which path will I choose, the easy way or the hard way? Hold a gun to my head and make me choose…canyon wins every time.

repacking regrouping

Repacking, shipping packs

This is also the place we regrouped and took care of issues. We changed hotel rooms for an even better deal and stayed at the Monte Carlo. Traded the rental car making noises, had a real doctor visit and got serious meds, mailed the backpacks home so we wouldn’t have to tote them the rest of the way, etc. Brandon and Anna checked out the Miracle Mile and rode the NY Roller Coaster, and we took her to Caesar’s Palace to see the statues and things she could connect with her school studies.

Like Santa Fe, it was hard to get out of town. There was one more errand to run, one more thing we had to take care of, one more site to see, before we could trek on down the road. We did finally escape and made it to California.

Top 3 Vegas Tips:

1. Wear a watch. If you stay inside, you will have no idea how much time has passed. Percy Jackson and the lotus blossoms, anyone??
2. Set a limit and stick with it. I played 2 quarters and won $2.25. Done. I’m a winner. Anna spent $10 on the claw machine and won a giant Minion. Done. anna wins big vegas2
3. It is what you make of it. As it is with most things. We had a great time.anna wins big vegas