Marriage may be the closest thing to Heaven or Hell  any of us will know on this earth. –Edwin Louis Cole

Marriage is a tricky thing.  A mystery.  A real-life roller coaster.  God created man without a wife, and saw that it was not good.  He then gave man the perfect companion, but she upset the apple cart and got them kicked out of paradise.  Tricky.  God knew Adam needed a companion, yet he waited before delivering.  God knew that Eve would choose unwisely and that ultimate redemption would come from the perfect sacrifice of His son.  God knew that this marital journey would have ups and downs when Adam woke up and met his wife for the very first time.  Imagine that.  Adam was like, “Whoa!  Cool.”  And God knew what was coming.  But he did it anyway and said, “It is very good.”

So when God led me to my husband, He knew we would get married, He knew we would have great days and He knew that some days we would want to quit.  Some days would seem unbearable.  But He put us together anyway.  He knew.  I have to believe He said, “It is very good.”  Together we are able to do so much more than what we can apart.  Together a world of possibilities are open to us.  We are a team.  Together we have an incredible daughter that would not be were it not for us.  It IS good.  It is very good.

The trick is learning to hang on to hope and work, really WORK, through the difficult times.  Learn to readjust to new situations and the new person your husband is becoming.  The new person YOU are becoming.  Hang on.  Pray fervently.  Read scripture.  Find couples with strong marriages to mentor you and hold you accountable.  Seek help if you are overwhelmed.  Stay together.  Marriage is a tricky thing.  Marriage is a blessing.  It is both and the blessing is so worth it.  Hang in there friend.  We will pray for you.